When finished with your election setup, you are asked to review your election. Once reviewed, you are required to hit "Start Election" to activate your election. If your election is not scheduled to run immediately, it will be in a "Ready to Run" state, and ElectionBuddy will open it at your scheduled time. When an election is live, it is in the "Running" state.

You can make edits to your election setup in both the "Ready to Run" and "Running" stages. However, each of these stages has a different protocol surrounding the edits that can be made in each stage.

"Ready to Run" Elections

If you are using printed notices or manual keys, and you have already printed/surfaced the notices/keys, please note that the keys will all be inactivated upon inactivation of the election, and an entirely new, different set of keys will be created when you go to re-start the election.Therefore, we do not recommend making edits if you have already printed/surfaced your voters' keys.

If the election is in a "Ready to Run" stage:

  • You can feel free to edit, but please note the following message that will appear when you attempt to edit your election setup:

  • You will be asked to go through the "Review" page one more time, to review the item that you have edited.

  • You will also be asked to "Proceed to Payment", if your election does not qualify as a free election, although you may already have paid. This is because the amount you paid was credited to your account when you made your edits, in case the edit you made makes a change to the cost of your election.

  • All you have to do is proceed to the payment page to redeem the credits and get your election ready to run again!

"Running" Elections

If the election is in a "Running" stage, you are much more limited as to what can be edited:

You cannot change any of the positions, candidates, or question information for your ballot. If you want to make any changes to your ballot, you will need to cancel the election, duplicate it, and then re-run the election. This is because:

  • We want to ensure that you have the fairest election possible. If you changed candidate information, the voters who have already voted may want to change their information.

  • If you change or add more than reserved voting keys, you have the capability to overly influence the election outcome in the middle of an election.

If you have made a bunch of errors in setup and want to stop your election, please just close the election (do not delete it - just close it) and contact us about helping you set up another election.

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