You can apply filters to your voter list during your vote to identify subsets of the voter population, based on their voting status. Using filters can be useful for:

  • creating voter turnout strategies and direct them to the subsets of your voter population with the lowest number of votes

  • maintaining a current membership list by identifying voters with out-of-date or incorrect contact information

You can also download the filtered voter list to make it easier to analyze the information.

Filtering Your Voter List

You can filter your voter list by:

  • status - queued, not voted, voted, or opened

  • type - email or SMS

To filter your voter list:

  • go to the Results page

  • select the Voters tab:

  • select your filters:

    • one or more Status buttons, or select All

    • one or more Type filter buttons, or select All

  • the page will refresh; this may take a few seconds

  • select Download to download the filtered voter list

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