Sharing Results With Voters
Share results manually or through ElectionBuddy
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Results can be shared with voters in two ways:

  • Manually yourself using the results link

  • Have ElectionBuddy email or text message the results for you

Sharing results manually

  1. From the "Actions" menu, select “Results Link”. You can select this if your vote is running, or completed.

  2. If you have allowed your voters to view the results, you should see a link in the window. If you haven't allowed voters to view the results, there will be no link.

  3. Copy & paste the link to any place you'd like to share the link. It can be posted on your website, or sent via email.

This link will allow voters to view the results on a page hosted by ElectionBuddy. You can open the URL at any time.

Using ElectionBuddy to share results for you by email or text message

  1. From the "Actions" menu of your completed vote, choose "Send Results".

  2. Choose "Schedule Email Result" or choose "SMS Message"

  3. Edit the body of the results message to meet your needs.

  4. Pick a date for the results to be sent. If you want to send it out right away, simply type "Now" into the end date field.

  5. Click "Schedule" to save your changes. The email or SMS message will be sent at the scheduled time.

You can preview, edit, or remove it prior to the results being sent.

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