The Results Summary allows you to create a customized report which can tailored to your needs. The report can be printed or saved as a PDF and shared with your voters.

To access the results summary, select the Actions button and select Results Summary.

This will take you to the results summary page where you can select the different options to tailor the report to your needs. The items that you can customize are listed below:

  • Summary — This allows you to show or hide the summary of all the votes.

  • Results — This allows you to show or hide the breakdown of the results.

  • Winners — This allows you to have the winner declared, or remove this line. As well, you can also choose to show or hide the percentage within this line.

  • Graphs — This allows you to show or hide the graphs. You also have the choice of customizing your graph between a pie or a bar graph with a fill that is solid or pattern.

Once you have customized your Results Summary to the point that you are happy you can select the "Print" button in the right-hand corner to generate your final report which you can save as a PDF.

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