Many organizations have bylaws stating that a majority vote (i.e. >50% of the total submitted votes) must be reached by a candidate for them to be elected to a position. In the event that a majority is not reached by any of the candidates, runoff elections are performed to determine a winner.

Here are the steps for handling a run-off in ElectionBuddy:

  • Check the "Results" tab at the end of the first election, and verify which questions you will need to re-run, and your top two candidates for those questions.

  • Choose "Duplicate" from the Actions menu

  • You will be brought into the "Details" stage of the new election you've just created via duplication. First, check the election title and remove the "Duplicate of" from the title.

  • Edit your start/end dates and times (tip: you can type "now" into the start time to have the election launch immediately when you start the run-off.

  • Click "Save and Continue to Ballot Design".

  • Remove ballot questions that have reached majority and do not need to be re-run by clicking [X] in the top-right of the question:

  • For any questions that are being re-run, change the vacancy number to "1"

  • To remove candidates from questions that are being re-run, click the [X] next to the candidate's name: Click "Proceed to Voter Notice".

  • No changes are needed on the "Notice" page, and you can click "Continue to Voter List".

  • Assuming no changes to your voter list are required, validate your voter list again, by clicking "Validate" underneath the voter list table:

  • Click "Continue to Review".

  • Complete the four Review steps (testing the ballot, confirming the voter list, verifying election details, and agreeing to the terms and conditions).

  • Click "Start Election" or "Proceed to payment" to get the election going!

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