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Add Administrators to your Organization
Add Administrators to your Organization
Add an administrator to your account
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All organizations added to an ElectionBuddy account can have 2 administrators.

Adding Users

From your personal menu, select Organizations to view your list of organizations.

Select 1 or more organizations to access the +Add User menu

Choose User role

When adding a new user, you can choose from 3 user roles. Choose the role that is appropriate for your new user.

  • Organization Administrator: Creates, edits and manages all votes, organization settings and users.

  • Election Administrator: Creates, edits and manages all votes

  • Vote Monitor: Monitors voters and views voter information and reports for all running and completed votes.

If the new user should have a different role for each organization, add the user individually to each organization.

Email Confirmation

If your new user is also new to ElectionBuddy, they will receive an email welcoming them to ElectionBuddy and your organization. They will see all organizations to which they were invited in their welcome email. Directions are provided for your new user to create a password and access their new account.

Users that already have an ElectionBuddy account, will be able to access your organization the next time they log in.

User status

To view the status of your invitation, and all other users for a particular organization, click the Edit button from the organization table, to view the Users Tab

Users that are new to ElectionBuddy, will appear as unconfirmed until they verify their account and create a password.

Changing User Roles

To change the role of a specific user in your organization, update the role menu for each user, and select Save Changes.

Only Owners and Organization Administrators can add and change User roles.

Leaving an Organization

If you have been added to an organization and wish to leave. You cannot use the Remove functionality from the user table. You will need to leave the organization from the Organizations page

Need more than 2 administrators?

Two or more additional users are available in our Annual Plans. Please contact us for more information.

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