We provide voter ballots in the most used languages for every world region, over 30 languages are currently available. Please see our list of available languages below. If you need a language not currently offered, please contact us!

The ElectionBuddy administrative application is available only in English.

  • Arabic

  • Afrikaans

  • Bengali

  • Chinese (Simplified)

  • Chinese (Traditional)

  • Croatian

  • Czech

  • Danish

  • Dutch

  • English

  • Estonian

  • Filipino

  • French

  • Georgian

  • German

  • Greek

  • Hebrew

  • Hindi

  • Hungarian

  • Icelandic

  • Indonesian

  • Italian

  • Japanese

  • Korean

  • Latvian

  • Lithuanian

  • Nepali

  • Norwegian

  • Persian/Farci

  • Polish

  • Portuguese

  • Punjabi

  • Romanian

  • Russian

  • Somali

  • Spanish

  • Turkish

  • Ukrainian

  • Welsh

Voter Ballot

Voters have the ability to change the display language while they are casting their ballot. If you have edited the default text for your primary language, the other voter language choices selected here on the ballot will remain as the ElectionBuddy default text.

Primary Language Selection

The primary language for your vote is selected on the Details page during setup and will determine the default language in which the ballot is displayed.

Ballot Page Setup

The voter can choose to switch the language from the language menu at the top of the ballot, and all navigation and instructions to submit their vote will be provided in the language selected.

However, our default instructions can be augmented with custom instructions by the administrator. This is essential for providing direction for processes that fall outside the voting process.

To add additional instructions there are several places in which to enter custom text.

Ballot Instructions

The ballot has an optional text area where custom instructions can be added. Add your additional requirements in all languages you require.

Ballot Question Instructions

For each question on your ballot, you can add additional instructions below the standard instructions. Keep in mind that the standard instructions will be displayed in the language selected by the voter. Provide additional instructions in as many languages as required for your voters.

Ballot Review and Confirmation

Enable the Customize Ballot Review and Confirmation Information option to add additional instructions to the Ballot Review and Ballot Confirmation page.

Notice Setup

ElectionBuddy does not currently provide translations for notices. Administrators can either add additional information in the desired language or select "Advanced Customization" to replace the entire default notice text in the desired language.

Partial Language Translation

The default notice template includes a text area where the administrator can add information in a secondary language

Full Language Translation

To replace the default English text, select the Advanced Notice Customization option.

When enabled, the default notice text can be replaced with your own content. Please note that any variable inserted into your text will remain English. The text referenced by the variables will be in the language of the source of the text. e.g. if the favourite color referenced below is provided as "verde", that is the text that will appear in the notice.

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