ElectionBuddy allows you to send reminders to all your voters who have not voted, you can also send an individual reminder to a single voter. You schedule the reminders, allowing you to set reminders that will automatically be sent for you when the scheduled time comes.

The number of reminders that are included with your vote is determined by the cost of your vote. Additionally, reminders can only be used when using an electronic notice method, such as Email or SMS notices.

Please note that SMS and Email reminders are managed separately and each would count towards your total of sent reminders. For example, if you have reserved 3, sending one SMS reminder and one Email reminder would use 2 of your 3 reminders.

Reminder templates are independent of one another (i.e. you create a different template for each reminder you want to schedule and send). The following process will need to be completed for each reminder you want to schedule and send. To send a vote-wide reminder:

  • Click on your votes title to go to your votes results page

  • Click on the "Actions" menu, located in the top right

  • Click on the "Reminders" link:

Not seeing the option to send a reminder? Your vote may not qualify for reminders based on the price you paid for your vote. Please see our pricing page for more details.

  • This will open a window. Click "Schedule Email Reminder" to schedule an email reminder, or click "Schedule SMS Reminder" to send an SMS reminder:

  • Edit the template (if applicable; see the note above in blue).

  • Enter a send date for the reminder to go out.

  • Click "Schedule" to save the send date and your changes.

  • Once the reminder has been scheduled, you can preview it to see what your formatting of the template will result in. To preview, click the "Preview" button associated with the reminder after you've scheduled it:

  • The reminder will go out at the scheduled time. To remove or edit the reminder, please click the associated buttons.

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