Borda Count

Run and tally a Borda count using ElectionBuddy

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A Borda Count uses the ranking of candidate preferences to assign a score to each candidate. The scores for each vote are summed and the choice or choices with the highest total scores are declared as winners. Learn more about the Borda Count method.

How to Run and Tally a Borda Count Vote using ElectionBuddy

  • Create a ballot for Candidates or Options.

  • Choose "Preferential" as the Voting System. This will allow voters to rank their choices on the ballot. Select the number of vacancies equivalent to the number of open positions

  • After the voting has ended, download the vote-by-vote report

  • Review and Total the counts for each candidate.

  • The candidate (or candidates if you have more than 1 vacancy) with the highest total as calculated in the previous step will be the winner.

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