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Setting up the live vote
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Below is the step-by-step process we recommend you follow if you're happy with the setup of your test vote:

  1. Review the results of your test vote as well as options for sharing and downloading results. Results will be presented in the same way during the live vote; please test sending the results directly from ElectionBuddy to your test voters or downloading the results from ElectionBuddy to share with your voters.

  2. Duplicate your test vote. This copies the setup of the previous vote exactly, so you don't have to spend the time doing it all over again! Instructions on doing that are here for you: Duplicating a Vote.

  3. Proceed through the vote setup of the duplicated vote. Even though all your vote information will be in place as a result of the duplication, you will have to proceed through the setup as if it were a new vote. One important step is, on the "Details" page of the duplicated selection, to confirm that Vote Options is set to "Live", then click the "Save and Continue to Ballot Design" at the bottom of the page.

  4. When you get to the "Voters" page of your vote setup, you will want to clear your test vote list. There is a "Clear" button under the list, which deletes the contents of the list for you. Then put in your full voter list. Either upload a CSV file or copy and paste from a spreadsheet of your voters' information. Don't forget to validate your list using the "Validate" button under the list.

  5. When you have finished setting up and validating your voter list, proceed to the "Review" stage of your vote, and do your review. After the review, you'll be asked to pay for your vote online via credit card.


Below are some common items to double-check for before you start your vote:

  • Review your vote details for accuracy

  • Ensure that all your ballot information is correct and that no candidates were omitted

  • Reserve extra access keys for voters who may join your organization after the vote starts

  • Triple-check your voter list

  • Take a look at any instructions, names, titles, etc., that you have typed out to ensure that there are no spelling errors

Once you have paid, your vote will sit in the "Ready" stage. It will launch at the time that you have scheduled.

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