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MeetingVote Overview
MeetingVote Overview

Getting started with ElectionBuddy's MeetingVote

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ElectionBuddy MeetingVote allows voters to vote in person, in a virtual meeting, or in a hybrid of both in-person and virtual, using their computer, tablet, or phone.

ElectionBuddy MeetingVote allows you to manage the voting within your meeting by:

  • Presenting items to be voted on

  • Allowing attendees to record their vote

  • Automatically tallying the results

  • Easily sharing the winners with attendees

  • Repeating the process for every vote required.

It is ideal for motion voting, agenda items, candidate positions, or any other type of question in your meeting.

The Meeting Flow:

  • Voters are sent a notice with their voting credentials

  • Voters use their phone, tablet, or computer to open their notice, which includes voting credentials and a link to access the MeetingPage

  • Voters confirm their credentials by completing a registration or test vote

  • When the meeting starts and a vote is required, the first MeetingVote is opened, voters cast their ballots, and results are shared

  • For the remaining votes in the meeting, the process is repeated.

Setting up the MeetingVote:

  • Create a new test MeetingVote

  • Duplicate the test vote to create the first MeetingVote

  • Duplicate the first meeting vote to create the 2nd meeting vote

  • Optionally, create votes to plan for motions from the floor or amendments

  • Configure your Meeting Page. Adding who to contact to help with voting issues helps streamline the flow if you have a large meeting or if you have voters who will join mid-meeting.

For more information on setting up a meeting vote, view the article MeetingVote Setup.

You can customize MeetingVote to facilitate voter registration and testing prior to the day of the meeting, vote on candidates, tally weighted votes, incorporate multiple meeting administrators, run a hybrid meeting with both in-person and virtual participants, and much much more.

Please see our other help articles on setting up MeetingVote:

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