MeetingVote allows you to present a ballot to your voters, record their vote, present results, and repeat the process. It is ideal for motion voting at meetings or asking knowledge-testing questions in a class.

Each voter is required to have their own internet-connected device to participate in voting.

Below is a sample voting flow to illustrate the voting experience using MeetingVote.

Voting Flow

  1. Voters access the link you provide prior to the meeting and login

  2. Using credentials received with the link, voters log in and submit the first ballot, a registration ballot.

  3. Voters declare they are present Verify the answer provided.

  4. Voters submit the ballot, and land on the confirmation page, where they received receive a confirmation code and access to the "Next Vote" button:

  5. Selecting the "Next Vote" button brings them to the organization meeting page. Voters wait here until voting begins.

  6. Once voting starts for the first agenda item, the button to vote on that item will appear on this page automatically.

  7. Selecting the button for the first motion will bring them to the ballot — with no additional login process required.

  8. Voters make their choice on the ballot, and select the "Verify your selection" button to reach the Verify page.

  9. If the voter has made a mistake and wants to adjust their choice, they can choose the "Edit ballot" button; otherwise, they select the "Submit ballot" button to submit their ballot to reach the Confirmation page and "Next Vote" button.

  10. As before, the voter selects the "Next Vote" button to return back to the organization meeting page.

  11. Voters wait here for voting to begin on the next item, and the process of selecting the button to access the next ballot, voting, and returning back to the organization meeting page to wait. This process repeats itself until all voting has been completed for the meeting.

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