In order to run MeetingVotes, election administrators must provide credentials for each voter to log into the voting process. There are two required credentials — an access key and a password. Below, we have outlined some recommendations and best practices to help guide you in creating them.

Creating the Credentials

Access keys must be unique for each voter in your voter list; passwords do not have to be unique, but they will be more secure if you make them unique.

When creating the credentials, keep the following in mind:

  • The most effective credential is one that could not be known or easily guessed by other voters.

  • Mixing uppercase and lowercase letters, or going alphanumeric, can help make a voter's credentials harder to guess.

  • Avoid using spaces in your credentials. If you accidentally use two spaces in your credentials instead of one, it is very difficult for the voter to notice this, and increases the risk that your voter will have login issues.

    • Tip: instead of using spaces, try underscores ( _ ), hyphens ( - ), or periods ( . ) instead!

  • Tread carefully when using similar characters like 0 and O, or I and l (these look like the same characters, but they're actually an uppercase i and a lowercase L).

Possible options for credentials include:

  • Member IDs

  • Random number sequences (at least six digits in length)

  • Random alphanumeric sequences (at least four characters in length)

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