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MeetingVote Administering the Vote
MeetingVote Administering the Vote

Everything you need to know for running your live MeetingVote

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You have prepared all of the motions for your MeetingVote and it is time for your live meeting!

As discussed in our previous MeetingVote articles, we recommend starting your meeting by running a registration vote prior to your meeting, or a test motion at the beginning of the meeting to familiarize the voters with voting in ElectionBuddy. This also ensures that:

  • Voters can use their credentials to access the items being voted on

  • You have time to address any issues prior to the actual meeting voting, to ensure your meeting goes smoothly

It is a good idea to count on extra voting time and to have assistants ready to help those voters who may have technical challenges. While the voting process is easy, you want to take every precaution to ensure your meeting goes smoothly!

When it’s time to launch a vote during your live meeting, you will start each vote manually to ensure voting opens at the appropriate time.

On the Review Page of the vote, select “Start Vote

When this button is selected, a button will appear on the meeting page for voters to access the vote.

They select their choices, review, submit, see their voting confirmation, and then arrive back on the meeting page ready for the next vote.

During the vote, remind voters to select both the continue and submit buttons so that their vote is submitted, and that they should continue through to the meeting page. You can also monitor the voter’s status while a vote is running.

You determine the period that voting stays open. It is typically dependent on your bylaws and organization size. We suggest 1 minute 30 seconds for every 100 voters but you can also increase the voting period for the first few votes, and reduce this as your meeting progresses as your voters get more comfortable with the voting process. To end voting manually, go to the Results page of the motion then the Actions menu, and close the vote.

You can share results directly from ElectionBuddy to voters by selecting the results tab on the Results page, and then, as the administrator, share your screen on Zoom, GoogleMeet, Microsoft Teams, or another video conferencing tool.

You can also share the results summary, which allows you to show or hide the winners, the graphs, and the percentages. We encourage you to test and try the settings so that you can share the right information that is suitable for your votes.

This process is repeated for all of your votes during the meeting!

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