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MeetingVote Creating Additional Votes
MeetingVote Creating Additional Votes

Tips for creating subsequent votes

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Building the first motion is the biggest step in your MeetingVote setup as this will be the basis for all the subsequent motions you create.

Once you have created the first vote for your meeting, return to the Dashboard and duplicate the vote from the Actions menu.

A window will appear; update the

  • Vote Title with your agenda item name

  • Vote Key

  • Voting Time of the vote

Details and Ballot Design

Because the title has already been updated and all other vote details were replicated, you can skip the Details page and go directly to the Ballot page. Update the ballot title with details of what you want your voters to vote on in the next motion.

Notice Page

For your first motion, you likely notified voters using one of ElectionBuddy's notice options, such as email. Voters already have their access information, so you do not need to resend it for each motion. Please enable Create Notices Yourself and remove any other notice types.

Voter Page

You will not need to upload your voter list again - this will populate when you duplicate the motion.

Review Page

Complete the review and leave your vote incomplete. Repeat this process for all of your other motions. The next step is administering the live vote!

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