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The final step to setting up your vote

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The last step of your vote setup is the Review Page. The Review Page allows administrators to test their ballot, confirm the configured settings, check the voter list, and verify vote details. Once the review is complete, you will be able to proceed to payment and your vote will be scheduled to start.

After the vote has started, certain changes are unable to be made as this can jeopardize the integrity of the vote. Please see Editing Your Vote when it is "Ready " or "Running"

Testing the Ballot

This step will take you through the ballot from the perspective of a voter. You will need to complete, review, and submit your test ballot before you can proceed. This is so you can ensure that the questions are set up properly, that information is accurate, and that the ballot can meet the needs of your organization. If no changes need to be made, after submitting your ballot you can select "continue with review" in the green banner at the top of the page.

Your test ballot is merely a simulation for review purposes and will not impact the results of your vote. For more on testing the ballot, including step-by-step instructions, please see Test the Ballot.

Check the Notice

When you select 'Check', a window will open where you review your notice setup, including what notice types are enabled.

As seen above, it will also include your integrity setting, whether you have enabled Advanced Notice Customization, and the access link. At high integrity, the access link is an example of what your voters will receive and will not link to an actual ballot. At medium and low integrity, the access link will consist of your Organization Key and the Vote Key.

If no changes need to be made, select 'Confirm' and continue to the next step.

Review the Voter List

Selecting 'Review' will open a window that displays your total number of eligible voters. This number is reached by adding up the voters on your voter list, any manual keys you have reserved (if you are printing or creating your own notices), and any extra keys you have reserved.

As in the example above, you will also be shown a breakdown of how many voters will receive each notice type; those with no contact details correspond to reserved manual keys.

Verify Election Details

The window that opens when you select 'Verify' will summarize your settings on the Details page, including the start and end time of your vote and the time zone of your organization. This is important to verify, as your start and end times will be adjusted automatically if you change your time zone after it is set!

As in the image above, you will be reminded of the total number of eligible voters for your vote. You'll also see if you have any reminders available. "Positions" relates to the kinds of questions you have on your ballot, and how many.

Confirm Terms and Conditions

The last part of the review focuses on ElectionBuddy's Terms and Conditions and explains what you can and can't do after your vote goes live.

You can still make certain changes while your vote is "Ready to Run", but it may deactivate your vote's "Ready to Run" state and require another round of review. For more on these edits, please see Editing Your Vote when the Vote is "Ready to Run", or is "Running".

Pricing and Payment

You can proceed to payment after all five review steps are complete! The cost of your vote will be listed beneath the review box, as shown below.

If the price is not what you expected, you can select "Not the price you thought?" to see a breakdown of the features you are currently using that may be contributing to the price tier of your vote. You can learn more about this breakdown in Payment - Not the Price You Thought?.

If everything looks good, congratulations! Your vote will be ready to begin once payment is complete!

For any questions, please send us a chat using our Buddy Messenger in the bottom right of the screen.

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